Mar. 5th, 2012

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"специалисты определили, что речь идет об электромагнитном воздействии на сайт".

можно посоветовать шунгитовый баннер на главную страницу и файлы с фотографиями ферритовых колец в корень.
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шпаргалка на стенку

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Оригинал взят у [ profile] caboodleranch в 9am Wake Up Call
ASPCA and law enforcement raided Caboodle Ranch just after 9 in the morning when Craig was just beginning his chores for the day. This is when the ASPCA videos were taken. If you have even two cats in your household, you know the damage they can do overnight. Times that by the number of Caboodle cats and you can imagine what it would look like in the morning.

Litterboxes were not just scooped, but emptied completely and continually refilled every morning. Craig was holding a bag of Purina when he was arrested. He was in the process of topping off the food bins. Wet food was given every day around 4pm. Water was constantly being refreshed throughout the day. Floors and counters were scrubbed daily. All these chores were just beginning when he was arrested, but that doesn't matter because it made for perfect video just the way it was.

They trapped cats into the night. How long before any of those cats ate?

Craig tried his hardest, with the help and advice of a veterinarian, to treat every cat that was sick. But ask the ASPCA how many of those sick cats they have already euthanized because they weren't worth the trouble.

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